Turning your rich CRM data into beautiful documents

02.11.18 01:50 PM By sites

When Standard templates aren't enough

Zoho CRM offers a number of templating features as standard - Email Templates, Mailmerge Templates and Inventory Templates. In most cases you will be able to use these templates to create the business documents you need. But sometimes, they're just not enough. Let's say you want to want to include some terms and conditions in a proposal, but not all terms apply to all countries. Well you could create a number of different Inventory templates, one for each country, but that soon becomes messy. Wouldn't it be nice if the template itself could include the logic to include the right clauses for each country? What if you have added some custom modules and you need to be able to include fields from a module that is nested a couple of levels deep in your structure. Not so easy.

That's why we created the Docz by Appz extension. It provides a full-featured drag-n-drop template editor that is full integrated with Zoho CRM, giving the flexibility you need to created powerful templates, when the standard feature are just not quite enough.    Contact us to find out more.